Solothurner Latin Festival - INSTRUKTOREN


BIO Fiorella & Linda know each other from the dance scene in the Netherlands. There was an immediate connection, and it was not long before they decided to participate together in the Dutch National Latin Championships; dancing bachata in the couples division - both leading & both following, and rotating between the roles. 

Dancing and training together was so natural and fluid, with so much joy and a good spirit, that they decided to continue their journey and promote equality on the dance floor, break with gender stereotypes in the Latin dance scene and promote RoleRotation around Europe! They were the first - and only ones - to teach Bachata RoleRotation in the Netherlands, with regular classes in Amsterdam, organizing bootcamps and events. They continue to build the RoleRotation community, both in the Netherlands and abroad, creating a safe and playful environment to explore a new way of dancing bachata together.